Welcome to Nemaha County 4-H Fair Online Entries.  Our goal is to make Fair Entry more convenient for our 4-H families.
All Animal entries, some Contest entries, all Clover Kid Entries and all Static exhibits can be entered through this website.  This means anything entered on the GREEN Animal Entry sheet, the YELLOW Contest sheet, and any Static Entry items including Clover Kid Static entries can be entered here instead of filling out the paper form.
Animal ID/Affidavits, Quality Assurance Certificates and copies of Hunter Safety Cards will still need to be submitted at the Extension Office.  We will accept scanned or PDF copies of these completed documents attached to an email.
Animal IDs/Affidavits are due June 17th.
Quality Assurance is due June 17th.
Animal Entries are due June 17th.
Hunter Safety Cards due June 17th.
Contests Entries are due June 17th.
Static Entries are due last Friday in July.
Clover Kid Static Entries are due last Friday in July.
Entires are put in a shopping cart. There are NO FEES associated with any entries.  You must checkout and submit order for entires to reach the Extension Office.